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Part 1

Sebastian Wilson speaks on the process and the mindset required to reposition your life for success. Working in the industrial factories in Nottingham UK, to working for the biggest Investment banks in the world. Sebastian discusses how his Caribbean heritage and strong guidance from his family has had a huge impact on his career.

Part 2

Sebastian shares his experience during the 2008 financial crash. He gives insights into some of the pivotal moves he made that propelled his career. Sebastian fought his formal education; he was faced daily with obstructive challenges. Today he has a national multi-million-pound property portfolio alongside his other corporate interests including Investment banking.

Part 3

Sebastian continues to share his experiences, pivoting through his career, retraining, and changing sectors. Sebastian also discusses his access and realisation while working with senior C -Suite colleges and not seeing many black people at this level. Sebastian tells how this drove him to be part of the change he wanted to see.

How the finance sector uses customer data

Sebastian will talk about how technology is used in the finance sector, how customer data is used for enhanced insights to improve decision-making and online journeys to creating a 360-degree view for the benefit of the customer.

AI adoption, strategy, use cases and achieving value

Sebastian is the Head of Delivery for Google Cloud Platform at HSBC whereby he delivers journey to cloud for data services, leading the transformation of businesses, products and services and is an advocate of innovation through technology.

Exploring AIops within Investment Banking

Exploring AIOps with Sebastian who’s experience in multiple industries and successful AI adoption through delivery technology solutions.

What is AIOps (Artificial Intelligence Operations)?
Why you may need it and its value?
Who it can help and the Future of AIOps?

The Data Standard

Sebastian preaches the tenets of process and preparation that enable leaders to boost collaboration, productivity, and morale among their teams. In this episode, we highlight his specific tips and advice for facilitating virtual meetings.


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